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Kunzite Gemstones

About Kunzite Stones, Loose Kunzite Stones 

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Kunzite is a variety of spodumen and has been a fairly recent find in the world of gemstones. The color range of Kuznite moves from a very pale pink, to a very pronounced and saturated violet. Though not listed as a birthstone, Kunzite has built up a substantial market for itself. It is the serene pink color of Kunzite stones that impresses girls and ladies of all ages. This does not mean that men cannot wear jewelry with Kunzite gems but the fact is that, men generally do not prefer to wear pink gemstone jewelry.

There is a common belief that Kunzite gems that have been treated for color enhancement, will fade over some time. The truth is that all Kunzite gems will fade after prolonged exposure to light. This clarifies one thing that, the fact that your Kunzite gem has faded does not necessarily imply that, the stone has been treated in any way. The two common processes used to treat Kunzite are, heating and irradiation.

While most of the Kunzite gems were initially mined in the rugged terrain of Afghanistan, other mining locations have also been subsequently found. Brazil, Madgascar and even the U.S have mines where Kunzite can be mined. When choosing loose kunzite stones, give priority to clarity and the type of gemstone cut that you prefer. Regarding the specific choice of Kunzite gem color that you should choose, we would suggest that you follow your preference. Just keep in mind, that very pale gem colors are better mounted in white metals like, white gold, sterling silver or even platinum. In general medium color Kunite gems look fine in yellow gold, white gold and ofcourse in 925 sterling silver too.

Kunzite procured directly from the mining sites is custom cut by skilled gem cutters in all shapes and sizes. You could order just loose Kunzite stones or, request for a complete Kunzite ring or other jewel to be custom made. We welcome orders of all sizes and do not set restrictions based on minumum quantity or value requirements. You can request for any gemstone of your choice without, being restricted to what is shown or mentioned on our website.


Loose Kunzite Gems: Kaisilver provides custom kunzite stones, in all shapes and sizes. Order just the gems or request for complete Kunzite custom jewel to be crafted for you ... more. Kunzite Rings: A Kunzite gem stone ring in gold or 925 silver. This Kunzite gemstone ring, is custom made in all gem selections and combinations. Can also me made with your design ... more.

Kunzite Color Fade: All Kunzite gem stones will fade over a period of time due to exposure to light. Both treated and untreated Kunzite gem stones will fade over time ... more.

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